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“Our mission is to improve the world of education through innovative technologies and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the learning experience. Access to quality education is a fundamental right, and we aim to enable everyone to realize their full potential through technology-enabled learning. We are committed to researching and implementing the most recent technological breakthroughs in education to create an unmatched educational experience. Our goal is to promote lifelong learning as a means for people worldwide to realize their full potential and dreams.”

Shozab Hasan, CEO Regex.

Unlock the full potential of your LMS with Easy SCORM – the top choice for seamless integration, as proven by our satisfied customers.

“Thank you Shozab, for the job well done! We had a unique requirement for a skillset very hard to find and Shozab performed beautifully. We will be in touch in the future if/when we need more support.”

– Chris, Core Learning Exchange

“Shozab completed the project quickly and to my exact instruction. Shozab is a great developer.”

Zac, Aptitec

“Shozab is a very experienced SCORM professional. He carried out the job on time, above expectations and he is extremely easy and pleasant to work with. Definitely recommended!”

Andrew, Secure Flag Limited

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